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Austin blaze destroys at least 100 motorcycles

Posted on April 16th, 2010 No Comments

A fire at the Woods Fun Center so large that it could be seen from downtown consumed more than 100 brand new motorcycles last week. Employees were not aware of the fire until heavy smoke began to billow from the building. The lost inventory is estimated to amount to at least $1 million.

The flames came dangerously close to a number of above ground fuel tanks outside the shop but luckily none of the tanks exploded.

The fire posed an unusual problem for firefighters as many of the motorcycles contained significant amounts of magnesium, which burns extremely brightly.

Right now, the main concern is for the lost inventory and what the fire will mean for employees of the shop. “Everyone involved is going to take a hit financially because like I said if we don’t have the inventory to sale then we’re going to be in a bind,” said Michael Sweetland, sales manager at Woods Fun Center.

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