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Explosion at restaurant causes severe injury and major damage

Posted on June 9th, 2010 No Comments

An explosion that rocked 211 N. Weaver Street in Gainesville on Monday afternoon destroyed the entire inside of a local eatery.

The restaurant, El Taco Riendo, suffered massive damages from an explosion ruled as an accident by the fire marshal. According to witness reports, when the flames erupted, a microwave was blown out of the back of the building, followed by workers and patrons. A toddler was thrown out of a door by one of the women in the building in an attempt to save the child. Others were seen, scorched from deep burns, scrambling out of the building as quickly as possibly.

As of Tuesday, one person was in serious condition while four others were in critical condition. No one was killed. The injured victims of the blast were taken to southward to Dallas’ Parkland Hospital.

The store was just a few miles from the Oklahoma border, and noted for its friendly, customer-first attitude.

An investigation is still open on exactly what caused the explosion, although many recognized that, beyond the kitchen, there was little else to the building itself.