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Fire in Home of Elderly Man Proves Necessity of Operational Smoke Alarm

Posted on July 16th, 2010 No Comments

As an elderly man slipped into a peaceful sleep, a spark in his attic ignited the insulation. All the while, as the flames consumed his attic, the man slept. Once the first sign of smoke crept into the master bedroom, his alarm went off. He woke immediately and had just enough time to call 9-1-1 and escape from his house.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the house and most of its belongings were lost, but one thing remained intact, a human life. You can often replace the loss of property, but never the loss of life,” reports The Dallas Morning News.

According to The Dallas Morning News, “Roughly 500 men, women and children will die in home or apartment fires in the United States this year.” Get your smoke alarm installed or inspected today. Call 512-835-2020 to have Ace Fire Equipment install/inspect your fire alarm today.