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Apartment Fires

Apartment complexes are essentially very densely populated neighborhoods. Therefore, the actions of one resident can directly and profoundly affect all of the other people who reside in the building. A fire that starts in one apartment can quickly destroy not only one home, but hundreds. Since apartments contain so many people living in such close proximity, there are special fire safety concerns that must be addressed.

Apartment Fire Hazards

Certain hazards affect people who live in apartments that do not affect people in other types of living situations. Apartment residents should be aware of common fire prevention measures take steps to follow proper fire safety precautions. The top causes of apartment fires include:

  • Cooking and kitchen fires
  • Heaters and heating equipment
  • Lit cigarettes
  • Arson
  • Children playing with fire matches and fire sources

Those who live in apartment buildings should know to take the fire alarm seriously and should understand never to take the elevator during a fire.

Protect Your Building

Not only do apartment fires cause devastating injuries and fatalities, they can also cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage. Apartment complex managers should be sure to educate residents about fire safety. In addition, it is the responsibility of apartment managers to ensure that adequate emergency exit routes exist and that an adequate automatic fire prevention system is in place and functional.

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