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From 2003 to 2006, fire departments across the United States responded to almost 52,000 fires that were set intentionally. Over 1,000 people were injured and 377 people died in these fires, which caused a collective $900 million in property damage. The majority of all fires that cause serious damage are set in buildings that lack sufficient fire protection systems or automatic sprinkler systems. Although you may not think your building is at risk of arson, sadly, intentionally-set fires are all too common.

One of the most important ways to protect your property is through the installation and regular maintenance of a fire protection system. To learn more about Austin fire sprinkler systems and other fire safety equipment, contact the Austin fire sprinkler inspection professionals of Ace Fire Equipment by calling 512-835-2020.

Intentionally Set Fires

Intentionally-set fires are common causes of fires at restaurants and in abandoned buildings. In fact:

  • 18.7 percent of all non-residential fires were caused by suspicious activities.
  • 5.2 percent of all restaurant fires occurred due to suspicious activities.
  • 43 percent of fires to vacant building were set intentionally.
  • One-quarter of all intentionally-set structure fires occur in vacant buildings.

In order to adequately protect your property, it is important to understand particular fire risks and the types of fire prevention systems that can fight these fires. An Austin fire safety systems professional from Ace Fire equipment can help you better understand your building’s needs and how to protect your property against the most common fire threats.

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To learn more about fire safety and prevention, or to schedule your fire protection systems installation, maintenance, or repair, contact the Austin fire systems experts of Ace Fire Equipment by calling 512-835-2020.