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According to Austin building codes, all commercial buildings must be equipped with backflow preventers. In addition, these devices must be professionally inspected once per year to ensure that they are fully functioning. Backflow preventers are essential to guarantee the safety of city residents. Therefore, it is important to understand what backflow is and why backflow prevention systems are necessary.

Backflow Contamination

The systems of pipes and connections that carry water from one area to another are designed to keep water flowing in one particular direction: from the distribution center to the consumer at the faucet. Within the systems of pipes under the city, there exist many connections, removable sections, changeover devices, by-pass arrangements, and other areas where drinking water has the potential to come into contact with unclean sources.

Under normal conditions, this contact does not occur as water flows properly. Sometimes, however, certain conditions can cause water to flow in the opposite direction. This is called backflow.

When backflow occurs, clean drinking water comes into contact with non-potable, contaminated sources, making it unsafe to drink or use. A backflow prevention system protects drinking water sources by preventing clean water from contamination.

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Contaminated water can cause serious illness and even death to those who drink it. For this reason, it is important to entrust the task of backflow preventer inspection to an experienced group of professionals. To learn more about backflow prevention systems and Texas inspection requirements, contact the Austin backflow preventer inspection experts at Ace Fire Equipment by calling 512-835-2020.