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Burn Injuries

During a fire, victims can suffer from severe burns that require extensive medical treatment. Some of these burns and smoke inhalation injuries may even be life threatening. Sadly, often these injuries could have been prevented had the structure been adequately equipped with fire alarms and fire sprinkler systems to warn building occupants of the fire and to keep it under control.

Don’t risk severe damage to your property and severe injury to those who work, live, or gather there. At Ace Fire Equipment, we specialize in fire safety equipment inspections to help protect your investments and see that no one gets hurt in case of an accident. To learn more or to schedule your Austin fire alarm installation, repair, or inspection, contact the Austin fire safety inspection experts at Ace Fire Equipment by calling 512-835-2020.

Third Degree Burns

A third degree burn is the most serious type of burn injury. These burns:

  • Involve all layers of a person’s skin, and may even damage internal structures
  • Do not heal without extensive medical treatment
  • Cause disfiguring scars and even disabling scars

These burns look waxy and may vary in color from white to red to brown. Not only do they require treatment to heal, but also treatment to minimize the appearance of disfiguring scars. Doctors often use skin grafts, in which skin is removed from one part of the body and replaced on top of the wound to help it heal.

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