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Fire Safety Inspections

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, over 1.5 million fires occur each year in the United States. To prevent fires and save lives, fire departments throughout the state of Texas require fire safety inspections for many buildings. Fire inspection requirements vary depending on the type of building that is being inspected. Some buildings require only an inspection by the fire department, while other buildings must also be evaluated by a third-party business that specializes in inspections.

The four types of inspections performed by the fire department include:

  • General Businesses. This type of inspection is for businesses, health care and institutional centers, as well as high-rise buildings throughout the city. Along with the inspection by the Austin Fire Department, the State of Texas also requires that all fire protection systems within these buildings be inspected by an independent, third-party contractor each year.
  • Residential. Any multi-family residential structure is subject to a regular fire inspection, including fraternity and sorority houses and cooperative houses because of the unique fire risks posed by these types of living arrangements.
  • Public Assembly. Churches, convention centers, dining establishments, theaters, and other venues are subjected to regular inspections since so many people are present in one area at once.
  • New Construction. Also known as “technical inspections,” newly-constructed buildings must pass these inspections before any person or organization is allowed to occupy the building.

Single-family dwellings and private residences are not subjected to periodic fire inspections, although local fire departments provide literature and information to help homeowners perform their own inspections.

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