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Important Facts about Fires

Fire cause up to 20,000 injuries and more than 3,500 deaths each year in the U.S. Sadly, many of these injuries and fatalities might have been prevented had buildings been properly equipped with adequate fire safety equipment. Additionally, many people lack an understanding of certain realities of a fire, and therefore are not fully prepared to evacuate the building when needed. Important facts to know include:

Fires can grow and spread in less than one minute. A small flame can escalate to a large fire in an interval of thirty seconds. Within minutes, an entire room can be engulfed in flames.

Smoke and toxic gasses from fires are much more dangerous than the flames themselves. Though flames can cause serious burns, most injuries and deaths in fires are actually related to smoke inhalation and a lack of oxygen.

The high heat in a burning room can cause additional injuries. The air at eye-level in a burning building can reach up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, causing serious burn injuries without ever coming in contact with a flame. Clothes may melt to the skin or catch fire, and hot air can scorch the lungs.

Fires in buildings are dark, not bright. The black smoke from a fire quickly blocks any light from the flames themselves. A person trapped in a burning building may become disoriented because he or she cannot actually see to evacuate.

Protect the occupants of your building by ensuring that your building is secured with the proper fire prevention equipment.

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