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Intentional Fires

No one wants to believe that their business is at risk for a fire. Sadly, even businesses without normal fire risks are at risk of intentionally set fires. In fact, incendiary (deliberately causing a fire) or suspicious activity is cited as a cause of 19% of all non-residential structure fires.

Do not risk losing your entire business to an unexpected fire. To discuss fire protection options for your building, call the Austin fire suppression system professionals of Ace Fire Equipment at 512-835-2020 for all of your fire safety needs.


In 2008, there were 30,500 intentionally-set structure fires in the United States. These fires accounted for $866 million dollars in property damage and loss and resulted in 325 civilian deaths. After a fire, officials investigate to determine its cause. A fire official can determine if a fire started because of burning grease in the kitchen, malfunctioning electrical equipment, a lit cigarette, or can rule if the fire was set intentionally.

If a fire is ruled an act of arson, property owners are left wondering what would cause a person to commit such an act. Arsonists may set fires out of:

  • Malice. Sometimes a person may set a fire as an attack or act of revenge against another person or entity.
  • Insurance fraud. A person may commit arson as a way to collect insurance compensation from the valuable insured property they lost in the fire.
  • Vandalism. Vandals may start a fire on a property without the intention of actually burning the structure.

Arson is a criminal act, and those convicted of starting property fires face harsh penalties. However, criminal prosecution only goes so far in helping you regain what you’ve lost in a fire. Entrust your fire protection needs to a professional, experienced team committed to the security of our clients’ assets to avoid extensive property loss in the event of a fire.

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Don’t let an intentionally-set fire destroy all that you’ve worked to achieve with your business. Entrust your fire safety inspections, maintenance, and installations to the Austin fire safety professionals at Ace Fire Equipment. Contact us today at 512-835-2020.