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Nightclub Fire Safety

Fires in large assembly buildings are some of the most deadly types, especially in those buildings in which proper fire safety features are missing. In fact, a fire at a Rhode Island nightclub in 2003 killed 100 people, in part because of a lack of adequate fire sprinklers and crowd-management plans. Since this disaster – the fourth-deadliest nightclub fire ever recorded in the U.S. – the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has created new requirements for high-occupancy assembly buildings.

Nightclub Fire Safety

Bars, nightclubs, and other assembly structures are now required to have the following fire safety tools:

  • Fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are effective in putting out small fires or controlling fires before they become too large to easily extinguish.
  • Fire prevention systems. Fire prevention systems such as sprinklers can control larger fires until the fire department arrives.
  • Fire escape routes. This includes multiple fire escapes that are well-marked and easily recognized as fire exits.

By having these fire safety measures in place, nightclubs can prevent or properly control any fires that may occur and help patrons exit the building safely.

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