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Safe Drinking Water

In cities, water is considered a product, not a service. Therefore, residents pay water supply companies to process their water, making it safe to drink, and deliver it to their homes. This delivery is achieved through a series of pipes and is monitored by a water meter.

Once clean water has been delivered to a customer, it is important that the used water does not return to the clean water supply but instead travels to a waste collection or water purification center. Unfortunately, contaminated water sources can sometimes reverse direction and flow backward in the direction from which they came in a process called backflow.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow is the process by which contaminated water flows back into the clean drinking water supply rather than toward a wastewater treatment system. One type of backflow, called back-siphonage, is often responsible for this problem. Back-siphonage occurs when there is a sudden loss of pressure in the main lines of the public water system. This can be caused by:

  • An open fire hydrant
  • Firefighting, which uses a large, sudden quantity of water
  • A broken water line

Any buildings near these points of action will have lower water pressure than normal, which can cause wastewater to reverse direction and flow back into the drinking water supply.

Backflow prevention systems are installed to ensure that, even when water pressure drops, drinking water supplies are not contaminated by wastewater from toilets, kitchen sinks, garden fertilizers, road runoff, and other sources. It is important for businesses and commercial properties to have their backflow prevention systems regularly inspected and maintained in order to keep water systems safe.

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