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Austin Backflow Preventer Repair

Most people have never heard of backflow preventers. However, these devices are imperative for protecting a clean, potable water supply from chemicals, sewage, and other contaminants. Water naturally flows from high to low pressure, so if a water main breaks, dirty water can flow into the clean supply line. Backflow preventers stop this dangerous contamination.

In many municipalities, the homeowner can be held financially responsible for allowing backflow to enter the water main. At Ace Fire Equipment, our trained technicians can help you protect yourself and those around you by providing expert backflow preventer examinations and repairs. To learn more about our services, contact a dependable Austin backflow preventer repair specialist from Ace Fire Equipment today at 512-835-2020.

Cross-Connection Control Repairs

Backflow preventers are also called cross-connection controls because they prevent and control the connection between dirty water and clean water. They must maintain different levels of pressure, meaning that backflow preventers are constantly under high levels of pressure from two different sides. Thus, these devices may need repairs to keep them pressurized. Common repairs include:

  • Replacing O-rings and diaphragms to prevent seeping or leakage
  • Repairing check modules, seats, and disc assemblies to maintain pressure
  • Fixing reduced pressure zone assemblies so dirty water flows there instead of into the main water line
  • Replacing the springs for spring-loaded assemblies

To control cross-connections, backflow preventers rely on many different parts that all have important responsibilities. Keeping these parts in good condition can help you prevent a backflow disaster.

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Backflow accidents have been linked to a number of deaths due to sewage contamination, chemical infiltration, and other cross-connections. The best way to avoid these accidents is to prevent backflow from your own home or property. For reliable Austin backflow preventer repairs, contact the skilled technicians from Ace Fire Equipment at 512-835-2020 today.