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Austin Commercial Fire Suppression Systems

Your fire suppression system is your business’s biggest defense against costly and deadly fire outbreaks. The suppression system works together with your alarm system and detection systems to fight fires, and if it’s not working, your business could be at serious risk. In 2008 alone, over 3,300 people died in 1.5 million fires, which caused a total of over $15.5 billion in property damage. Fire suppression systems can help prevent this tragedy from happening to you and your business.

Fire suppression systems only protect your business when they’re in working order. Unfortunately, many businesses have non-functioning or poorly maintained suppression systems and don’t know it. Regular inspections can ensure that your fire suppression system remains in excellent condition and ready to respond in an emergency.

The Austin commercial fire suppression system professionals at Ace Fire Equipment can help you keep your workplace safe. We have over twenty years of experience providing service, inspecting, and repairing:

Types of Suppression Systems

Commercial fire suppression systems come in several types, depending on what sort of fires the system is likely to be handling. Dry chemical systems can handle most situations, while carbon dioxide systems are excellent for areas in which humans aren’t working. They have the added benefit of not leaving behind any liquid or foam residue, meaning that your business can be back up and running sooner. Foam systems are often the best option for putting out liquid fires.

Whatever your fire suppression needs, the Austin fire suppression service experts at Ace Fire Equipment have the experience to help. We handle a wide variety of both engineered and pre-engineered systems, including:

  • Amerex
  • Ansul
  • Carbon dioxide systems
  • Inergen
  • FM-200
  • NOVEC 1230
  • Piranha
  • Pyro-Chem
  • Range Guard
  • Sapphire

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Whatever your system, we have what it takes to get the job done. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your commercial property from fire. Contact the Austin fire suppression system inspection professionals of Ace Fire Equipment today by calling 512-835-2020.