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Austin Apartment Building Fire Suppression Systems

Millions of people live in apartment buildings due to advantages like lower housing costs, good roommate floor plans, and no long-term mortgage tying them down. However, apartment dwellers must rely on the management to provide a safe, livable unit that is well-protected from a variety of dangers, including fires. Fires in apartment buildings can damage personal belongings in many units, and can displace renters from their homes, or worse.

At Ace Fire Equipment, we recognize the importance of fire suppression systems. Our skills and experience can help you to protect your property and business as well as the renters who live in your apartment complex or building. If you are interested in this first-response safety system for your facility, contact an Austin apartment building fire suppression system specialist from Ace Fire Equipment today at 512-835-2020.

The Purpose of Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems are sprinklers attached to your ceiling or walls. When the head senses extreme heat, typically caused by a fire, it allows the fire-smothering material to escape. This helps control the spread of the fire, and sometimes the sprinklers can put it out completely. Apartment building fire suppression systems can use firefighting agents such as water, dry or wet chemicals, as well as inert gases to drown a blaze.

Fire Suppression for Apartment Buildings

Apartment building fire suppression systems must be ready to fight several different types of fires. In an apartment, a fire can start due to everything from an overloaded power strip to a forgotten candle to grease on the stovetop. Thus, the fire sprinklers must be prepared to handle all of these situations. Ace Fire Equipment can help you keep your apartment building’s fire suppression system in top shape with help such as:

  • Service
  • Repair
  • Inspection

Do not wait until it is too late to have your apartment building fire suppression system checked by one of our trained specialists.

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Fire suppression systems can be your apartment’s first line of defense against a fire. To protect your business as well as your renters, contact a knowledgeable Austin apartment building fire suppression system technician from Ace Fire Equipment at 512-835-2020 today.