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Austin Commercial Building Fire Suppression Systems

A fire suppression system is essentially what most people recognize as a fire sprinkler system. However, fire suppression systems are more than just water sprinklers — they are actually your first line of defense against a fire. They can help control, diminish, or even extinguish a fire before it spreads to crucial areas of your commercial building.

At Ace Fire Equipment, we understand the necessity of protecting your business from the ravages of fire. We can help you find and install the best fire suppression system for your needs, then service and inspect the unit regularly to keep it in top condition. For more information regarding our potentially lifesaving services, please contact an Austin commercial building fire suppression system specialist today at 512-835-2020.

Types of Commercial Fire Suppression Systems

Although water is still an option for commercial fire suppression systems, advances in chemistry and technology have allowed us to expand our arsenal against fire. Now, commercial fire suppression systems may contain fire-smothering materials such as:

  • Inert gases like aragonite or carbon dioxide
  • Wet chemicals such as carbonate or citrate
  • Dry chemicals like sodium bicarbonate or potassium chloride

Our commercial fire suppressions system technicians understand that each business is different. A fire suppression system that is good for computers may not be the best system for a library. Our specialists can help you determine the ideal system for your needs.

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Fires caused over $8 billion in damages and 2,650 deaths in 2008 alone. One serious fire can stop your business in its tracks, destroying everything you have worked so hard to build. At Ace Fire Equipment, we want to help you protect your hopes and plans for the future. Contact an Austin commercial building fire suppression system technician from Ace Fire Equipment at 512-835-2020 today to learn more about how we can help you.