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Austin Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

Fires are terribly destructive, sometimes claiming entire buildings within a matter of minutes. These disasters can completely gut a restaurant, jeopardizing the future of the business you have worked so hard to build. To help protect your investment and your future, you should ensure that you have a high-quality restaurant fire suppression system installed in your building.

Commercial fire suppression systems help to defend your property from a potentially devastating blaze. At Ace Fire Equipment, we customize fire suppression systems for your restaurant by looking at the types of fire you may encounter. To learn more about Austin restaurant fire suppression systems, please contact Ace Fire Equipment today at 512-835-2020.

How Fire Suppression Systems Work

Fire suppression systems work in conjunction with fire alarms and smoke detectors to fight fires and help prevent the spread of a blaze. When your fire alarms detect a fire, they send a signal to the fire suppression system to deploy the fire-fighting agent. Depending on the type of system you install, the fire-fighting agent may be:

  • Water
  • Argonite gas
  • Carbon dioxide gas
  • Inergen gas
  • Wet or dry chemicals

Fire Suppression in Restaurants

A major concern in restaurants is grease fires. Frustratingly, grease fires can be accelerated if an unsuspecting individual tosses water on it. Fire suppression systems in restaurants contain special mixes of chemicals or gases in order to successfully extinguish or at least contain a grease fire. We can help with your restaurant fire suppression system needs, including:

These systems can also help prevent the spread of fire to areas with patrons, and it can give chefs and kitchen workers time to escape in the event of a crisis.

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Restaurant fire suppression systems help to protect your property, employees, and patrons. If you are interested in installing a commercial fire suppression system, look no further than Ace Fire Equipment. To discuss your needs, contact an Austin restaurant fire suppression system specialist at 512-835-2020 today.