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Austin Restaurant Fire Suppression System Inspections

As soon as a fire suppression system detects smoke, abnormally high temperatures, or other indicators of a fire, the system releases firefighting agents such as wet or dry chemicals. These fire-smothering agents help manage or even extinguish a blaze before it spreads out of control. However, to keep fire suppression systems in top condition, they must undergo regular inspections.

Fire suppression systems are truly the first response to a blaze in your restaurant. Thus, in order to ensure that your restaurant fire suppression system is ready to fight a fire, you should have it inspected regularly. For more information regarding fire suppression system inspections, contact a skilled Austin restaurant fire suppression system inspection technician from Ace Fire Equipment today at 512-835-2020.

The Importance of Fire Suppression System Inspections

At Ace Fire Equipment, our fire suppression system technicians know the importance of careful and thorough inspection. Even one small problem, such a corroded valve, can endanger the integrity of your entire restaurant fire suppression system. Our restaurant fire suppression system inspections typically include:

  • Checking for corrosion on valves and sprinklers
  • Inspecting for old, outdated sprinkler heads
  • Making sure the spray is not obstructed
  • Verifying hydrotest dates
  • Reviewing the air pressure (for dry systems)
  • Visually checking piping for corrosion and signs of tampering
  • Performing a trip test to examine the circuits

If we detect a problem with your restaurant suppression system during our inspection, we can provide the repairs that you need to protect your restaurant from fires.

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We understand the devastating effects that fire can have on your business—and your future. At Ace Fire Equipment, we want to help you protect your future against the threat of fire. To learn more about our services, contact an Austin restaurant fire suppression system inspection specialist from Ace Fire Equipment at 512-835-2020 today.